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wrote to🍒Sabrina CM🎄Children English Expert🔥Tesol Certified

2022/05/20 12:44
Thanks for your lessons. I found that some of the family member names are not taught at school right now. Therefore that was the first time she saw those words (such as Nephew / Niece etc). In my opinions, we are fine to let her learn something new. However, Sharis's English is not very good. If I am not sit beside her, maybe she don't understand some of your questions. So hopefully you don't mind sometimes I give her some hints about your questions. Anyway, she seems improved a bit compared to the trial and the first lesson. I did talk to her after the lesson. I knew that she can understand more and more now. Thank you Ms. Sabrina and see you next week too ^^

wrote toSteve 🇺🇸Business English 🌃 Learn from a native! 🌎 Build confidence!👍

2022/05/20 12:33
We continued our previous lesson’s topic, The national air and space museum would be an interesting place to go when travelling in the US ! Charles Lindbergh made a tremendous history with the plane Spirit of St. Louis!

wrote toTOEIC990🤠Teacher 𝐘𝐀𝐃𝐈📢Start your language acquisition journey now!👊

2022/05/20 12:12
We talked about work-life balance today, and share with each other with the stories from our friends. The topic is very important for me. I think I have to be honest to talk to myself and control my life and keep more realistic. See you next time Yadi !

wrote toJason IELTS 🇬🇧 Speaking Expert 🎓 Business English / Life Coaching / Psychologist👨‍⚕

2022/05/20 11:52
I’ve enjoyed the first class with Teacher Jason. The way he teaches, the personal traits, and the profession in teaching he shows make the lesson interesting and fruitful at the same time. Within 25min, Jason helps to clarify future goals and is always shareable and willing to listen to students. Jason can also give inspirational ideas and questions to dig into. Definitely a great class and teacher to learn from.

wrote toMichael - Conversational and Business English Expert

2022/05/20 11:11
I could relax to talk with teacher, and he provided a systematic learning process, then I fully understood what I can learn. I expect to learn from him when I can meet his available time.

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wrote toDavid Duncan-IELTS Specialist

2022/05/20 10:55
Today Mr. David helped me correct an article, and he and I reviewed my real estate homework. Also, he shares his educational journey and his love story. Finally, he shares what he's been up to lately, he's written two books, he's been endorsed and certified by publishers, and he intends to use his existing resources for further sales.

wrote to KAYLA🦋Conversational🐧Grammar🐸Pronunciation EXPERT🐣KIDS & ADULTS🌈

2022/05/20 10:44
Kayla made my daughter feel relaxed and more liable to speak out about her ideas ! Naomi did not feel nervous and stressed when talked with Kayla. Kayla is really good at helping kids speaking in the whole sentences with great confidence.

wrote to🔥Gloria✅ Limited Time Discount 50% off 💗PET/YEL/KET💗 Adult English 💗 Bilingual

2022/05/20 10:40
Time is so fast. The lesson is interesting and enjoyable. Her smile is so sweet and she makes the atmosphere relaxing. I seem to fall in love with English. She makes me having an interest and passion to learn English continuously. The design of the lessons fully fulfill my expectation and need. Thank you very much.

wrote toA humorous and experienced English teacher

2022/05/20 10:40
Time is so fast. The lesson is interesting and enjoyable. Her smile is so sweet and she makes the atmosphere relaxing. I seem to fall in love with English. She makes me having an interest and passion to learn English continuously. The design of the lessons fully fulfill my expectation and need. Thank you very much.

wrote toMR SAM🍁 Native speaker 🔥🔥🔥 Children Expert 🌻

2022/05/20 10:37
Super Sam! Such a relaxing high-efficient and interesting class u gave to Naomi! Sam cud always provide a fun interaction with my daughter which made her speak out more about her ideas. Hope to see her much more progress hah

wrote toJon📖Published Author🎁FREE Audiobooks & E-books

2022/05/20 09:20
We introduced ourself for each other, and teacher provided his suggestion and curriculum plan and book for me to practice English. I think it's new way to learn and improve my English skill, so I look forward on next lesson!

wrote toHalina Online Professional Certified English and Polish Teacher for Adults

2022/05/20 08:21
Polish gets harder as I continue, but Halina is patient and understanding. I look forward to going to Poland for a total immersion and hopefully have all this learning fall into order. Polskiego to piękny język I bardzo ciekawy.

wrote to🇬🇧Henry G.🇬🇧British English🇬🇧Conversation🇬🇧Kids & Adults🇬🇧

2022/05/20 08:14
Had a good time talking with Henry. Henry is a great teacher who is patient and student-centered. Love the vibes, speaking opportunities and understanding that he provided during the trial class. I am kind of pretty shy and fearful about talking to others but you won’t feel embarrassed to talk with Henry. He listened to me patiently and helped me to enrich my content and vocabularies respectfully during the conversation.

wrote toDayo 🇺🇸 Best Native Teacher 👔 For IELTS|Conversation|Grammar 🌎14+ Years of Success 🏆

2022/05/20 07:21
Teacher Dayo is a great trainer, a good guide, and a dependable teacher. He has shown me the path to success in preparation for my IELTS exam and also walking with me along the way. He always set a high expectations in the classroom and this have helped give me confidence in myself each monent in his class. To say the fact, I am always so excited looking forward to his class. Thanks so much for patiently helping me.

wrote toDayo 🇺🇸 Best Native Teacher 👔 For IELTS|Conversation|Grammar 🌎14+ Years of Success 🏆

2022/05/20 06:52
A great class with a friendly teacher. I learned a lot about using English in conversation such as talking about myself, hometown in test interviews and public speech, also I learned about correct words collocation, sentence structures, use of phrasal verbs and pronouns. Certainly a very complete lesson for me. Thanks teacher! 😊🌝

wrote toTeacher Emilia 📖 NATIVE BRITSH SPEAKER 🇬🇧 Kids specialist 🌈 ⭐️

2022/05/20 05:43
Paris adventure is a new story for Charlotte, it’s great that she can learn about Paris, France and Eiffel Tower. And she enjoyed the speaking part. Btw, Charlotte may has some incorrect sentence structure sometimes, pls correct her if possible. Thank you.

wrote toChelsea 🌈 Masters in English 🌈 Professor🌈 All Ages 👶 👩 👵

2022/05/20 05:27
This was the 5th class of the package we bought. My son (9 yr old) really enjoy all the classes with Chelsea. I can see why it's hard to find a time slot with Chelsea! Thank you and we are going to book more classes.

wrote toMARTIN😎Business conversational EXPERT🏆

2022/05/20 05:14
Martin is an excellent teacher and professional. I went to him to help me to prepare my English for an interview and for my surprise he gaves me a lot of keys to have a succes interview. I’m so grateful for that. He is so patient, kindly and very good teacher. So recommended.

wrote toDayo 🇺🇸 Best Native Teacher 👔 For IELTS|Conversation|Grammar 🌎14+ Years of Success 🏆

2022/05/20 04:14
Dayo taught me Inclusive Communication in business or working environment. So much interesting (I've never heard that before ☺️☺️) He gave practical examples of Inclusive Communication and Tips. He gave me very detailed notes after the class, which I've been studying. He allowed me to speak and the lesson was so much interesting! Thank you DAYO 🤗🤗 Dayo 教會了我在商業或工作環境中的包容性溝通。 太有趣了(我以前從未聽說過☺️☺️)他給出了包容性溝通和技巧的實際例子。 課後他給了我非常詳細的筆記,我一直在學習。 他允許我說話,這堂課非常有趣! 謝謝DAYO🤗🤗

wrote to🥇Mark🌞Conversational🌞IELTS🌞Business🌞

2022/05/20 03:42
We did many things today and that’s a bit too rushed for me since we didn’t have much time for explaining everything very well... But tbh we had a good time today and I got a chance to speak a lot in English. And Mark was very nice, he said I could find him anytime if I got any questions in English.

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