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Terms & Conditions

Qualified users (hereinafter referred to as "invitees") refer to new student users who have never registered on this platform and who have registered as members of this platform through your personal promotion link.
The invitee must complete the first transaction on this platform within 30 days after clicking the link, and it will be included in the calculation of the affiliate marketing commission. Marketing commissions.
Individual invitees are eligible for the calculation of affiliate marketing commissions when their first single order cash consumption reaches USD 20. The cash consumption in the preceding article does not include AT coins and coupons.
Affiliate marketing commission is only calculated once per invitee's lifetime.
If the same invitee has clicked on two different personal exclusive promotion links to generate consumption, the last clicked personal exclusive promotion link will be recognized as the affiliate marketing commission.
If the invitee applies for a refund or cancels the order, the affiliate marketing commission for the order should be deducted, and if it has been funded, it will be deducted from the subsequent affiliate marketing commission.
You may not obtain affiliate marketing commissions in any fraudulent, false or illegal way. Any affiliate marketing commissions obtained by fraudulent, false or illegal ways will not be included in the calculation, and you shall bear the relevant legal responsibilities.